Collection: Victus

Victus was founded in 2020 with a clear goal in mind: to simplify and radically improve the world of functional food and nutrition. By identifying specific problems within specific groups of people and then going all-in on research in collaboration with one of the world’s leading universities and knowledge institutions.

We embarked on this mission because we were fed up with how the world of functional nutrition was becoming more and more of a maze, with too many generic brands and products, leaving many high-performers relying on suboptimal, impractical, or incomplete nutrition. We needed honest, truly science-based clarity for ourselves, and so it all began.

Our goal is to change the market from the inside out by offering this easy-to-understand range of products that are all as comprehensive and complete as possible, only containing nutrients which are proven to be effective for your athletic performance and full body recovery.

We hope to inspire & activate high-performers to nourish themselves because we believe that high-performers who nourish themselves well, perform better.

Focus on sustainable performance. Nourish your inner warrior.

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