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Victus Sports 02 During Drink Mix

Victus Sports 02 During Drink Mix

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Product Description

Victus’ 02 During is a no-nonsense high-carb solution. Containing 45g of carbohydrates and 343mg of sodium, making it the ideal and easiest combination for anyone trying to reach that 90 g/h limit. This enables you to plan your carb intake meticulously and limit the chances of gastrointestinal issues to an absolute minimum. Perfect for serious athletes and active individuals, Victus' 02 During Drink Mix provides a no-nonsense solution to reach your 90 g/h limit. With precise and easy carb intake planning, containing 45g of carbohydrates and 343mg of sodium, this drink mix minimizes the risk of gastrointestinal issues and helps you achieve optimal performance.

Product Features

  • 45G of carbs per drink
  • Easy on the stomach and gut
  • Isotonic when mixed with 650mL
  • 343mg of sodium (870mg NaCI)
  • 2:1:1.5 maltodextrin-to-glucose-to-fructose ratio

Product Description

Mixed with 650ml of water 02 During has an osmolarity of 276 (mOsmol/L) -this means the drink is isotonic and thus absorbed rapidly and digested very easily.

Depending on the duration of your training or race, hourly intake is as simple as can be:

  • <2-hour session: 1 unit per hour (45G per hour)
  • >2-hour session: 2 units per hour (90G per hour)

Due to the high-carb contents per drink mix (45G), you drastically lower your hourly intake. This doesn’t just mean less to carry with you, but it creates a situation where you can plan your training sessions with race-quality products.