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Take a look at our exclusive selection of pre-workout powders, where each scoop is a step towards smashing your workout limits. Our range has been hand selected to amplify your training sessions, ensuring that you get the absolute most out of every single rep, run, and routine. 

Browse our hand selected range and pick the best pre workout to suit your style, from powders packed to the max with caffeine, to all rounders containing the ideal amount of creatine BCAAs and more

What is Pre-Workout Powder?

Pre-workout supplements are one of the best supplements to improve your training sessions, packed with ingredients that help you to make the most of your sessions, such as caffeine to maximise your energy. Pre-workout powders are ideal for high-intensity workouts, and work best when taken 30-60 minutes before exercise, supplying your body with nutrients that give your training efforts a real boost. Many of our blends include creatine, a powerhouse ingredient and one of the best supplements when looking to maximise performance and muscle growth in short-term, providing you with the nutrients you need for high-intensity exercises such as weightlifting.

Benefits of Pre Workout supplements:

Our pre-workout supplements are designed to improve your energy levels and workout experience. Allowing you to power through an early morning session or push your limits, these supplements provide an energy boost that supports all training goals. They're an essential part of any fitness regimen, from professional bodybuilding to everyday fitness, ensuring that your efforts in the gym pay off.

Core Strength's Pre-Workout Products:

Our collection offers a complete range of pre-workout supplements to suit any lifestyle or preference. From light nutrients and energy boosting drinks for a treadmill session to quick, explosive caffeine packed powders for intense workouts, our products are tailored to support your individual ambitions:

When and How to Use Pre-Workout Supplements:

Timing is crucial for maximising the benefits of pre-workout supplements. For the best results, thoroughly mix and then drink them 30-60 minutes before your workout. Keep in mind that if your last meal was recent it can cause the effects of your pre-workout to take longer to kick in, and sometimes it may require you to adjust your serving size.

Understanding Pre-Workout Duration:

The duration of a pre-workout powder's impact depends on its contents. Typically, the effects can last four to six hours, however, it is important to consider your size and the preworkouts ingredients. If you are training in the evening then it may be worth considering how soon after taking your preworkout you plan to go to sleep, to ensure it doesn't interfere with your sleep cycle.

Choosing Between Premixed Pre Workout and Powders:

Whether to opt for an already mixed option or powder form is a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. Powders can offer quicker absorption and may be easier to carry around or store, while premix cans are convenient and portable without needing to be mixed or paired with a bottle. However, both options provide the same benefits to your workout, so your choice depends on your personal preferences with your workout routine and lifestyle.

Caffeine Content in Pre-Workouts:

The caffeine content in pre-workout supplements often varies. This is worth considering as well as your caffeine tolerance before selecting your pre workout supplement. Often starting with a lower dosage if you're new to pre-workouts is a good idea, and then increasing the dosage as you require more energy. Our range includes options with different caffeine levels to cater to your specific needs.

Pre Workout FAQs:

How Much Caffeine is Ideal?

Effective doses range from 100mg to 300mg per serving and more depending on your own requirements and preferences, some people like huge doses, whereas others prefer a little kick to help ensure that they keep their energy levels up during their workout. However, we recommend you start lower if you're new to pre-workouts.

Does Pre-Workout Supplements Effect Sleep?

You should always consider the timing of your workout to ensure it doesn't affect your sleep, pre workout supplements typically contain a lot of caffeine, the effects of which can last up to 8 hours!

Should I Use Pre-Workout for Different Training Goals:

Whether it's endurance, strength, or muscle building, we have a pre-workout to suit your goals. Pre-workout is perfect for all training regimes, from helping you with bursts of energy to keeping you focussed during lengthy training sessions.

Explore Core Strength's Pre-Workout Range:

Our range extends beyond powders, including energy bars, drinks, and vegan options. Each product is infused with essential nutrients to propel your performance and aid in recovery.

Why Choose Core Strength?:

At Core Strength, we believe in delivering products that match your dedication and intensity, that is why we only sell products that we have tried and recommend ourselves. Our pre-workout range is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. 

Prepare to transform your workouts with Core Strength's range of pre-workout supplements. Our scientifically formulated products are designed to boost your energy, focus, and drive, ensuring you push beyond boundaries in every training session. Explore our pre-workout range and find the ultimate partner for your fitness journey.