Collection: Our Top Plyo Boxes

Maximise your training with our premium Plyo Boxes, designed for versatility and durability. Perfect for jumps, cardio, and agility exercises. Shop now to take your fitness routine to new heights!

Choosing a Plyo Box

This is the right place to be if you are looking to amp up your home gym or add a degree of versatility to your workout routine with top quality plyo boxes whether you are looking for 3-in-1 boxes or a stackable option.

Our 3-in-1 Plyometric Boxes

We have a range of 3-in-1 Plyo Boxes with two distinct options, the classic wooden box for a nice traditional and rugged look and feel, or the soft version for those who are seeking to both reduce impact during intense workouts and prefer a nice coloured look. Both are designed to provide a versatile and sturdy option when it comes to training box jumps.

Our Stackable Plyo Boxes

Our stackable plyometrics boxes are ideal for people who are looking for a versatile training option - with multiple sizes that can be used by themselves utilising small increments into your routine, or you can stack them together to get to your required heights.

Choosing the right Plyo Box Material

Wooden plyo boxes

Wooden plyo boxes are built for durability and stability, wooden plyo boxes are quick and easy to build, utilising pre-drilled pilot holes for a perfect fit, making it the go-to choice for athletes in need of a solid and reliable feel underfoot during high-intensity workouts.


Soft Plyo Boxes

If you are a beginner, or someone simply looking to ease impact on joints while still gaining the benefits of plyometric training then a soft plyo box is the ideal pick. By Wrapping the boxes in a high-density foam and then covering it with a non-slip PVC surface soft plyometric boxes offer both a softer landing whilst making them easier to move and use.

Why Choose a 3-in-1 Plyo Box

The 3-in-1 play boxes ensure that you get the most for your money, providing three adjustable jump heights such as 20”, 24”, and 30” inches depending which side you place on the top allowing them to easily cater to a wide array of exercises. The adjustable height provides an easy way to shift between exercises like going from box jumps to step-ups or box squats to scaled press-ups. Simply flipping the box onto its desired size allows for an easy and quick switch of the jump height, challenging your body and keeping your workouts fresh and engaging.

Why Choose Our Plyo Boxes

They’re for every level - This equipment offers an easy way to improve your workouts, whether you're a beginner looking to step into the world of plyometrics or an athlete after pushing your limits, these plyo boxes are ideal.

Space Saving - Our plyo boxes are designed with your space in mind, with 3-in-1 and stable options they're the perfect addition for home gyms, CrossFit boxes, personal training studios and more.

Quality You Can Trust - All boxes are made with usage in mind, meaning every plyo box we sell is built to last with only the highest quality of build and materials, ensuring that your investment pays off workout after workout.

Safety and Comfortability -  Soft plyo box options provide the added benefit of dampened landing, reducing the risk of injury and making your workout sessions more enjoyable.

Utilise Plyo Boxes to Elevate Your Workout

Enhance your power, speed and agility with fun and intensive exercises by incorporating our Plyo Boxes into your routine. These boxes are a catalyst for transformation, consistently pushing you to leap higher, land softer, and ultimately achieve more each workout.