Core Strength Equipment's Full Commercial and Home Gym Kit Out

At Core Strength Equipment, we believe in doing more than simply filling a space with gym equipment, we specialise in bespoke gym design and gym fit-outs for both commercial gym design and home gym setups. We take your personal needs and goals helping you to design a gym that is bespoke to your requirements - whether you are looking for the best way to create a flowing and effective commercial gym or a home gym that truly fuels your own fitness ambitions.

We're a team of athletes and experienced trainers passionate about fitness, we have years of experience working in gyms and as personal trainers so we know exactly what works best and where it should go. Not only do we have the expertise to help you create a gym that's perfectly equipped for your needs but we personally use all of the equipment we recommend, meaning we know how great it is.

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Why Choose Core Strength Equipment For Your Gym Kit Out?

  • Expert Advice from our Fitness Team:

    Our team members are athletes and fitness pros who use and love the equipment we recommend.

  • Great Prices for Quality Equipment:

    We believe in quality that’s affordable. By sourcing our equipment directly, we ensure you get the best without overspending.

  • Bespoke Gym Building Recommendations:

    We listen to your needs and tailor our recommendations to fit your space and fitness goals perfectly.

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Commercial Gym Designs and Setups:

Whether you're launching a brand-new gym or giving an existing space a fresh new look, our team at Core Strength Equipment is here to guide you every step of the way. We understand that a commercial gym is not just about the equipment – it's about creating a functional environment that motivates and excites.We take the time to understand your unique goals and the specific needs of your members. Our approach involves designing layouts that not only optimise the use of space but also enhance the workout experience. Part of which is helping you to select high-quality and durable equipment that caters to the fitness goals of your gym from strength training to endurance and everything in-between. The result is a well-thought-out fitness centre that helps you to not only attract new members but retains them, building a community around health and wellness. And our work doesn't end with the setup; we offer ongoing support and advice, helping you maintain and upgrade your gym to keep up with the latest fitness trends and technologies.

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Bespoke Home Gym Kit Out Solutions:

Creating a home gym with Core Strength Equipment means bringing professional-level fitness right into your bespoke home gym, perfectly built to fit your personal health and fitness goals. Our expertise in home gym setup is focused on making the most of any space. We understand that every fitness journey is unique, and so we start by understanding your specific goals – be it building strength, improving endurance, or training for a specific event. Based on this, we recommend the best equipment to suit your needs, ensuring that each piece is a perfect fit for your space and workout style focussed on offering you the full spectrum of a gym workout. The aim is to create a personal fitness retreat that is not only functional and efficient but also motivating and inspiring. A space where you can focus on your fitness without leaving the comfort of your home, equipped with everything you need to achieve your fitness aspirations.


Our Home and Commercial Gym Kit Out Process

  • Personal Consultation:

    This is the most important step, we start by understanding your fitness goals – be it weight loss, strength training, or training for competition. This helps us tailor a solution that’s just right for you.

  • Space Optimisation:

    We specialise in making the most of the space you have, no matter how big or small. Our team provides creative solutions to fit the right equipment in your available area while ensuring it is as functional as possible.

  • Equipment Selection:

    Based on your goals and preferences, we recommend and supply equipment that ranges depending on your needs, as you may have guessed there is a huge difference between the ideal gym for a bodybuilder vs the ideal gym for a boxer or a marathon runner.

Flooring Solutions: Laying the Foundation for Your Fitness Space

When it comes to setting up a gym, flooring is often an overlooked aspect, yet it plays a crucial role in both functionality and safety. At Core Strength Equipment, we emphasise the importance of the right flooring for any fitness space, be it a commercial gym, a home gym, or a specialised training area. Our range of flooring solutions is designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences, ensuring that your gym's foundation is as robust and reliable as the equipment it supports.

  • Heavy Rubber Impact Tiles:

    Ideal for areas with heavy weights and high-impact activities, our heavy rubber impact tiles are a game-changer. They provide excellent shock absorption, protecting both your equipment and the floor beneath. These tiles are not only durable but also offer sound insulation, making them perfect for spaces where noise reduction is important.

  • MMA Mats:

    For martial arts and combat training areas, we provide specialised MMA mats. These mats are crafted to provide a balance of firmness and cushioning, accommodating the diverse requirements of martial arts training. They ensure a safe and comfortable surface for both stand-up and ground exercises, making them an essential component of any martial arts training facility.

  • Sled/Sprint Tracks:

    For gyms focusing on dynamic and high-intensity workouts, our sled/sprint tracks are a must-have. They are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of sprinting and sled exercises, providing a smooth, consistent surface that enhances performance while reducing the risk of injury. These tracks add a professional touch to your gym, creating a dedicated zone for speed and agility training.

We understand that the right flooring can make a significant difference in the overall quality and safety of your gym as well as affecting the overall function of your space. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space where people can train effectively and safely. Our team at Core Strength Equipment is dedicated to helping you choose the right flooring options that align with your gym's specific needs, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your fitness space.


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