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RDX L1 Mark Pro Training Boxing Gloves

RDX L1 Mark Pro Training Boxing Gloves

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Be a warrior and let every opponent taste your wrath with RDX Mark Pro Boxing Gloves. Forged using Dazzle Fabric inside and Super Skin outside for anti-tear properties and extra breathability. Tri-Lira MOULD of these pro boxing gloves delivers top-notch impact absorption and premium injury prevention properties to keeps your “A” game going. Spongy Blacktop FABRIC is the first layer of protection and is designed to give extra comfort and flexibility to the hand. Polygonal Fusion FOAM delivers ultimate shock absorption and a perfect blend of Supremo ShockTM Equilibrium Foam SHEET along with Max ShockTM Equilibrium Foam absorbs the blunt of impact and dissipates force equally across the boxing gloves. EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET with spongy black top FABRIC protects the wrists from wear-and-tear.

  • Tri-Lira MOULD for impact absorption
  • Manufactured using Dazzle Fabric and Super Skin combat leather for enhanced breathability and anti-tear properties
  • Spongy Blacktop fabric for added comfort and top-notch flexibility
  • Polygonal Fusion FOAM offers shock absorption while EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET provides added support to the top and gives protection against wear-and-tear
  • Combination of Supremo ShockTM Equilibrium Foam SHEET & Max ShockTM Equilibrium Foam to dissipate force equally around the gloves