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Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Fat Burner 42 Packs

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Fat Burner 42 Packs

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Product Description

  • Fat Burning Formula
  • Potent Ingredients
  • Contains Green Tea & Black Tea Extract
  • Increase fat oxidation
  • Contains Dandelion & Ginger Root
  • Improve Mental Focus

Animal Cuts contains a unique weight management formula. It is a cutting stack which has thermogenic, diuretic and metabolic complexes.

Animal Cuts targets many aspects of the cutting process. It includes eight complexes: (1) thermogenic complex; (2) metabolic complex; (3) thyroid complex; (4) diuretic complex; (5) nootropic complex; (6) cortisol-inhibiting complex; (7) appetite suppression complex; and (8) our special bioavailability complex.

As a diuretic it helps the body to excrete water to avoid puffiness and bloating.

Its Thermogenic formula. Increases the basal metabolic rate which increases energy expenditure while the metabolic complex increases natural metabolism which then increases energy and helps the body to burn fats and calories quickly.

Animal Cuts is designed to be cycled with a three weeks on taking the product and one week off of the product.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 packs a day for 3 straight weeks, 1 pack on waking & the other 4-6 hours later. Packs should be taken with a small meal and you should stay well hydrated while on the product. Follow a 3 weeks on, 1 week off cycle. After the week off, you can run it again. The Stimulant Complex is in the red capsule & the Water Shedding Complex is in the blue capsules.

Nutritional Information;

Serving Size: 1 Pak Servings Per Container: 42 Amount Per Serving: Therm Complex: 750MG -Caffeine Anhydrous: 180mg-Kola Nut: 180mg-Guarana: 180mg-Yerba Mate: 180mg-Cocoa Extract: 30MG Metabolic Complex: 750MG -Green Tea Extract (containing naturally high polyphenol and EGCG levels): 300MG-Oolong Tea Extract (containing naturally high polyphenol and EGCG levels): 300MG-Black Tea Extract (containing naturally high polyphenol and EGCG levels): 75MG-Coffee Bean Extract (containing naturally high polyphenol and EGCG levels): 75MG T Complex: 350MG-L-Tyrosine: 250MG-Olive Leaf Extract (15% oleuropein): 50MG-Salvia Officinalis: 50MG Definition Complex: 800MG-Hawthorne Berry: 400MG-Astragalus: 150MG-Celery Seed: 125MG-Juniper Berry: 125MG Nootropic Complex: 500MG-Choline Bitartrate: 400MG-Bacopa Monniera (bacopasides A & B): 50MG-Cocoa (containing Beta Phenylehtylamine): 50MG Cort Complex: 300MG-Eleuthero (Root): 150MG-Acetyl L-Carnitine: 75MG-Carnitine Fumarate: 75MG CCK Complex: 500MG-Cha-de-bugre: 200MG-Psyllium Seed Husk: 100MG Bioavailability Complex: 500MG -Ginger Root (gingerols, shogaols): 220mg-Cayenne: 170mg-Grapefruit: 60mg-Quercetin: 25MG-Naringin (citrus): 25MG Other Ingredients: Gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide, FD & C Blue #1, FD & C Red #40, FD & C Yellow #6, FD & C Yellow #5.