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STYRKR SLT07 Hydration Tablets Mild Citrus 1000MG (Box of 6)

STYRKR SLT07 Hydration Tablets Mild Citrus 1000MG (Box of 6)

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Product Description

Introducing the STYRKR SLT07 Hydration Tablets in Mild Citrus—the hydration hero that's here to revolutionize your endurance game, one effervescent pop at a time. Made for the athlete who treats a marathon like a morning stroll, these hydration tablets are your new secret weapon against the merciless sun and the relentless miles that come with endurance sports.

Why Choose STYRKR SLT07 For Your Hydration Needs

Imagine the sharpest tool in your shed, but it's for your body. Packed with a whopping 1000mg of sodium and a powerhouse team of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, our STYRKR SLT07 is the all-in-one rehydration behemoth you've been waiting for. Each tablet in this six-pack box is like a hydration ninja—quick to dissolve, easy to stomach, and silent in its efficiency.


Hydrate With Quad-Blend Electrolytes

Because sweating it out shouldn’t mean losing it all, our bespoke blend mirrors your body’s own sweat profile, adding just enough sodium to keep your electrolytes balanced without a fuss. It's like having a pit crew in your pocket, ready to replenish what the road takes away.

Easy Hydrating That Is Gentle on the Stomach

Don't let the fear of cramps or the jitters of a sugar rush sideline you. These tablets turn into a stomach-friendly elixir faster than you can say "hydration," ensuring that you keep gliding without any inside sliding.

Dual Dosage Hydration Tablets

Tailor your intake with our dual dosage technology. Full tablet or half? You decide based on your sweat levels and the heat of the beat. It's customisable hydration that respects your body’s needs.

Why Choose STYRKR SLT07?

Because it's about more than just staying hydrated - it's about staying ahead. Only the best means no added sugars, no unnecessary preservatives, and absolutely no gluten or animal products. Made in the UK by top sports nutritionists and tested under the toughest conditions by real athletes, these tablets are designed to deliver peak performance without compromise.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or outpacing the competition on the track, STYRKR SLT07 Hydration Tablets ensure you’re fueled, focused, and ready to conquer. Grab a box and taste the future of hydration—because your limits are meant to be broken, not your body.