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STYRKR Muscle Cooling Sports Cream 150ml

STYRKR Muscle Cooling Sports Cream 150ml

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Product Description

Menthol and camphor in our cooling gel aids in reducing inflammation post exercise, boosting your recovery and soothing your muscles when they are screaming at you. Cooling cream for cyclists, runners and many other sports. Sweat and water resistant Long lasting formula Rich in natural hemp oil Helps to nourish your skin

Total Protection.

Training shouldn’t finish when the workout ends. Our range of body care keeps you performing at your best before, during and after your exercise, helping you push the limits in training and on race day. Protect your body and reduce risk of injury with our body-care creams packed full of naturally soothing and antibacterial ingredients.

Made for the toughest conditions.

With our sweat resistant formula you can be sure that our creams give you total, long lasting  protection from the first minute to the last. With 100% natural ingredients and zero compromise on performance, our advanced body care lets you train harder and recover faster so you focus on smashing your next endurance goal.

What goes in to Styrkr Cooling Sports Cream


Anti inflammatory


Supports inflammation and circulation


A source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds

Grapefruit Seed Extract


Vitamin E Oil

Nourishes the skin

Hemp Oil

Moisturising, source of omega 3, 6, 9