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STYRKR MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix (12 x 95g)

STYRKR MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix (12 x 95g)

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Product Description

Step up to the starting line with STYRKR MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix  - your ultimate partner in pushing past those pesky personal bests. When it's you against the clock, every second and every sip counts. That's why Styrkr engineered the most dynamic dual-carb formula on the market, packed into 12 convenient 95g packets, each designed to fuel your fire without burning out.

Dual-Carb Energy Drink That Provides Energy On Demand 

With a potent blend of 90 grams of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and fructose, MIX90 doesn’t just fuel your muscles; it supercharges them. This perfect carb concoction ensures a steady release of energy, so you can maintain intensity without the crash. It’s the fuel you need, precisely when you need it.

STYRKR's Dual-Carb Advantage

 Why settle for one when you can have two? The dual-carb system isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality. With a ratio optimized for maximum absorption and minimal discomfort, these carbs work harder so you can go longer and harder.

Utilise Electrolytes for Endurance

Long workout or hot day? No problem. MIX90 is infused with 2 grams of essential electrolytes to replace what you sweat out, keeping you hydrated, reducing cramps, and letting you focus on the finish line.

Energy Drink With The Power of L-Glutamine:

Tired muscles? Not on our watch. With 3 grams of L-glutamine, MIX90 helps reduce the build-up of ammonia in your blood, a common fatigue factor during endurance activities. This means you can keep pushing the pace without pushing your body to the brink.

Gentle & Effective Dual-Carb Energy Mix

No jitters, no irritants, just performance. Their pH-balanced formula is designed to be gentle on your stomach, allowing you to focus on your performance without any internal distractions.

Vegan-Friendly Carb Mix Formulation:

No animals were harmed in the making of your peak performance. The 100% vegan-friendly formula ensures that everyone can access the power of professional-grade sports nutrition, manufactured right here in the UK with the highest standards.

Affordable Carb Excellence:

We believe cutting-edge nutrition shouldn’t cut down your budget. MIX90 offers an unbeatable price-to-weight ratio, ensuring you get the maximum bang for your buck, without compromising on quality or performance.

How to Use STYRKR's Dual Carb Mix:

Best when used solo for activities over an hour, MIX90 also pairs perfectly with other STYRKR products for a comprehensive nutritional strategy. Whether it’s a training day or race day, dissolve one packet into your water bottle, and you’re good to go.

Why Choose MIX90?

Because when the going gets tough, MIX90 gets going. It's not just about lasting longer; it's about finishing strong. Grab your box of MIX90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix today and transform your athletic endurance—sip by sip.