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OTE Nutrition

OTE Nutrition Super Gel Box 12

OTE Nutrition Super Gel Box 12

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Product Description

This product delivers 40g of carbohydrate per 66g gel, that’s right that is DOUBLE the energy of a standard gel!

This is your go to gel when a big hit of energy is required but with limited time to consume it.

Key Features of the Super Gel:

  • Taste: As always, we’ve used natural flavourings to bring you this delicious Berry flavour, this comes from real fruit juice concentrate. It’s easy to use and consume, developed with the athlete in mind.
  • Multiple Energy Substrate: The OTE Super Gel contains carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin and fructose. Research has shown that more carbohydrates (up to 90g per hour) can be absorbed and delivered to working muscle when using a multiple energy substrate compared to using maltodextrin alone.
  • Balanced Electrolytes: The OTE Super Gel contains balanced electrolytes to promote fluid uptake and help you remain hydrated during exercise.