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Core Strength Equipment

CORE Adhesive Patches

CORE Adhesive Patches

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Product Description

Our medical-grade patches are convenient way to wear your CORE. This version is suitable for sports use, as it will endure sweat and intense physical activity. They are recommended for athletes who do not wear a heart rate monitor strap, and prefer to sync their CORE to the heart rate monitor available on their smart watches.

These custom patches are produced specifically for CORE by our industrial medical supplier using high grade, medically certified materials. The patches are designed to minimize skin irritation while providing good adhesion.

The foam contours with your body for a seamless fit even for extended periods of time. Often when wearing CORE with a patch - you forget you have it on.

Each pack contains 15 adhesive patches.

The patches are single-use and for 24/7 use can be used for several days including during sleep and while showering. For heavy sports activity the adhesion will be shorter. Once detached, the patch is easily peeled off the CORE and a a new patch should then be used. 

These patches can be used for shorter periods in water though for swimming are not recommend, a chest strap should be used to ensure a secure fit while swimming.