5 Reasons you should invest in a home gym

1. SAVE TIME - Anyone who invests their time into training, knows that time well spent is the time training, not the time it takes getting to and from the gym.  Having a home gym eradicates all those extra minutes spent travelling to and from the gym.  

2. SAVE MONEY - Although gym equipment requires some initial investment.  In the long run, you will save money on gym membership fees and travel costs to and from the gym.

3. NO WAITING AROUND FOR EQUIPMENT - We've all been there.  You have a quick 20 - 30 minute high intensity or metcon session to do.  You set your equipment up and midway through your first round someones taken your equipment or hopped in whilst you are doing another exercise.  Very ANNOYING, plus it disrupts your work:rest intervals.

4. BETTER QUALITY TRAINING - Your gym is your gym.  You can have whatever equipment you need, specific to your goals and your workouts.  You can have whatever music you want on (without the need for headphones), train in whatver clothes you want and generally do what you want without the worry of being surrounded by other people.

5. UNLIMITED ACCESS - With a home gym, there is no more checking the gym timetable or worrying whether the gym is going to be open or not on bank holidays.  With a home gym you, have immediate access 24/7.

We have a limited time unbeleivable offer on our home gym under £1000 deal at the moment.  This package has a huge saving of £480, you can purchase this package here:

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